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Our firstborn - Story.LGBT

Our founding member Daniel Slowinski has always wanted to create a website for LGBT identifying individuals to anonymously share their coming out stories. In light of recent events such as the June 2015 ruling by SCOTUS and most recently the ‘personal’ rejection of that ruling by Kim Davis, the time is now to collect and share these stories.

Stories are a great way to communicate emotion, struggle, and identity in such a way that, even in an audio/visual world, is still one of the most relevant ways to relay information. The stories we capture will go on to inspire LGBT Youth in knowing they are not alone, others have walked before them, and it ultimately will get better.

We are building on the foundation that many other projects, non-profits and otherwise have already started in securing equality for individuals of all variations. We join their efforts in bringing this site to the world and we hope that it will inspire the next brave enclave of individuals who will bring our society forward.

We will be collecting coming out stories and will reveal them to the world on National Coming Out day, October 11th, 2015.

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