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About Us

The Slowinski Foundation is a non-profit aimed at using technology to help society progress forward.

We are a group of enthusiasts who value technology and see where it can enhance society, bringing people together, and making the world a better place.

Who we are

Dan Slowinski

I am an entrepreneur who likes to solve some of the strangest problems. It just so happens that sometimes the problem solved affects more than just one person and can result in a ripple-effect in making the world a better place. Technology makes life easier for those who can afford it. I wanted to start a non-profit that utilizes technology, but in a way that makes society better.

Joshua King-Slowinski
Program Manager

Purpose & Goals

Our goal is to utilize technology to help bring about societal good. We are a charitable organization focused on using technology to help push society forward by means of defending human and civil rights, eliminating prejudice and discrimination, and helping society as a whole empathize with each other in a way that helps push everyone forward. Technology has rapidly changed the landscape in how we communicate with our coworkers, friends, and family and as such has made life easier while also causing difficulties when used inappropriately. We hope that we can help steer society in the right direction that embraces technology while respecting its capabilities and refrain from abusing them even when in a confrontational moment. We think we have a few ideas that could positively impact the world making it a connected world via humanity as well as wired.

Integrity We will abide by all legislation that rules over the regions we perform our endeavors. We will seek to find a solution to our problems rather than ignoring them.

Core Values


We strive to eliminate all wastefulness that distracts us from our goals and efforts.


We respect life and all of its biodiversity. We seek to preserve life where possible while also respecting the truth.

Continuous improvement

We cannot help the world if we don't change our actions/behavior/demeanor with respect to the world around us. We aim to collect information about our internal workings as a means to learn and improve our ability by trying new things while focused on our original goals.

Potential Obstacles

We are a small group that is self funded and new to the non-profit world. We expect to fall down, but our resolve should pick us up and move us in the right direction in no time.
We will be growing our team as our needs to address our goals become clearer and as we understand more about the issues that plague our society.

Ground Rules & Guidelines


Volunteers and other organization members will strive to provide updates in a timely manner. As such, if any person is found to be behind, the team should expect to find a solution to the problem and not focus on an individual's struggles to perform their obligations. We seek to solve problems, not blame an advocate of our goals.


Meetings are to start in a prompt manner, on time as scheduled except in the cases of acts of God or nature. Meeting notes are expected to be shared amongst all members for review.


Email is the preferred communication medium for items that do not seek immediate attention. For any items that seek an urgent response, a phone call is required to resolve the matter and a summary email explaining the phone call's purpose is to be sent to members.

Why start a non-profit? / Why not help another non-profit?

Frequently Asked Questions

Being a non-profit helps us understand what other non-profits are going through while also allowing us to make the calls that we feel are very important to gauging project success. We respect and are more than happy to work with other non-profits as we are all focused on helping others who need help. We feel that by solving a variety of problems using technology in new ways that haven’t been tried before, we can gain new insight into how to solve problems, and try, try, try again until we have truly made society better for everyone. To accomplish such a large task, we feel that our unique structure and planning will allow us to better serve the world and its many voices.